Employee Resources

Time and Client Sheets need to be dropped off by Sunday at 7pm

Payroll Checks - Paid Every Friday via Direct Deposit

Please be sure to enter the correct dates on your time and client sheet. The work week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.


Business Ethics and Conduct Training

Compliance Training

Please read the above training topics. You will also need to complete the following below. Please click on the link and following the instructions. Once you print off the complete certificate, please bring to the office along with your time/client sheets on Sunday and place in the mailbox in the back of the building. If you are unable to print the certificate, please contact Loving Care Home Care.

Instructions: Fraud and Abuse Training - the Link is Below.

You must register and print off certificate when you are done. Please turn in to the office with your time sheets: Link to Training



Employee's must complete 2 of the following in-services & training. Please complete the training online and answer the questions at the end of each in-service/training. Once you have completed the assignment, please print the page and bring it into the office. Make sure your name and date are located at the top of the pages.

Employee Manuel:

The employee manual is located in the link below. Any updates to the employee manual will be located under the heading update with the date. It is your responsibility to read and print any updates to the employee manual on a regular basis.


In-Service #1 Employee Manual
In-Service #2 Update 1/20/2013
In-Service #3 Update 1/1/2013
In-Service #4
In-Service #5
In-Service #6
In-Service #7
In-Service #8
In-Service #9 Employee Resources:
In-Service #10 Employee Time Sheet
In-Service #11 Employee Time Sheet Example
In-Service #12 Client Sheet
Client Sheet Example
Client Time Sheet
Client Time Sheet Example